We Bring the Indexing Revolution to Alternative Investments

We are creating Tomorrow’s Asset Management Company Today combining decades of investing experience with machine learning to offer alternative investments to all.


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What Do Alternatives Offer?

Alternative investment strategies offer returns that are supplemental to traditional stock & bond portfolios.

They can offer:

  • Low correlation to other asset classes
  • Reduced portfolio volatility
  • Diversification
  • Risk Management

Institutional Investors are Often More Diversified and Experience Improved Returns

Institutional investors hold up to 50% in alternative assets. Many individual investors hold none. As a result, individual investors often experience lower returns and higher volatility than institutional investors.

We offer investors access to the returns of sophisticated investment strategies at a lower cost than traditional limited partnerships, with greater transparency and liquidity.

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Lower Fees

Leveraging technology to create efficient portfolio management



Assessment of the effectiveness of the risk diversification



Gain exposure to the hedge fund industry and limit manager concentration risk



Investments in liquid securities

Unlimited’s Technology Brings the Indexing Revolution to Alternatives

Our technology uses the index returns data as the training data for machine learning approaches to infer and then replicate real-time positioning of alternative asset managers.

Return Replication Technology Building Blocks


Factor-based indicators that generally evolve over the course of several years


Short-term overweights or underweights of specific market sub-sectors


Relatively static asset management exposures based on Hedge Fund style

Unlimited’s Replication: A New Approach to Alternatives

Unlimited’s technology:

  • aims to provide the return characteristics of talented investment managers. 
  • offers built in diversification benefits relative to investing with individual managers.

How We Do It

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Unparalleled expertise in alternatives​

Bob Elliott and Bruce McNevin are the Co-Founders of Unlimited. Their mission is to make it possible for all investors’ portfolios to be as well constructed as those of the largest, most sophisticated institutions in the world.

Bob Elliott is Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at Unlimited. Bob has built innovative hedge fund strategies for more than two decades. At Bridgewater Associates, Bob was a member of the Investment Committee and developed strategies across asset classes. He also authored hundreds of Bridgewater’s widely read Daily Observations.

Bruce McNevin is Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist at Unlimited. Bruce has held various data science positions at hedge funds Clinton Group and Midway Group, along with positions at Bank of America and BlackRock. Bruce is currently also a Professor of Economics at New York University.​

We are unlimited.

Democratizing Alternatives through return replication technology.

Unlimited Funds is on a mission to make the returns of alternative investments accessible to all. We believe most alternative investment strategies can be meaningfully replicated using artificial intelligence and a mix of public market securities. Combining our years of private markets investing experience with advanced machine learning techniques makes our replication strategy possible.