Unlimited's Return Replication Technology

Our Products Replicate Index Returns

It’s hard to know which strategy or manager will outperform in a given year, just like it’s hard to know which sector or stock will outperform.  

The most reliably consistent return comes from index replication whether it’s for alternative investments or the stock market.

Alternative Asset Index Returns Can Be Decomposed Into Drivers

We believe that any alternative asset index return can be broken down into a handful of component drivers of returns.

Structural Exposures are relatively static asset exposures based on investment style.

Cyclical Factors are factor-based indicators that generally evolve over the course of several years.

Tactical Tilts are short-term overweights or underweights of specific market sub-sectors.

Machine Learning Allow Us To See Positioning In Real Time

Unlimited uses the index returns data as the training data for machine learning approaches to infer and then replicate real time positioning across each source of return.

These Replications Can Be Packaged Into Liquid Products

Unlimited’s replications are based on the returns of major public market assets. This allows us to create alternative investment indexation products with the liquidity, transparency and costs of products like ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Our ETF Is Coming Soon